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Have you noticed how much of our culture is geared around the “now”?  How old movies are simply forgotten, or remade? Have you noticed how the mainstream elements of our culture aim to please the widest possible group of people, destroying any attempt to cater for a niche audience?  What is this years revenge-thriller movie? Who is this years sad-assassin-with-a-heart-of-gold? What is this years big-adventure-in-which-protagonist-learns-a-life-lesson?

You’d be forgiven for  thinking that’s all there is. It’s not – there’s a wealth of amazing, unique and interesting movies that have been produced in a less homogenized time, and that are being produced now thanks to the advent of new tools, like affordable HD cameras. It’s just the homogenization of our advertising culture means there’s no need for companies to promote either the older or the smaller movies as heavily as the latest mainstream blockbuster.

There’s a world of disposable pleasure out there, and we’re going to start cataloging it.  Look forward to reviews of both cult classics and more forgettable grindhouse trash, along with interviews, overviews and larger retrospectives.

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