Join Disposable Cinema on the 23rd September for a special screening of Dario Argento’s 1975 horror classic Deep Red as part of the Scalarama film festival!

After a public demonstration of her abilities a psychic is murdered, taking the secret of a killers identity to the grave. It’s up to troubled musician David Hemmings, who witnesses the act, and sassy female journalist Daria Nicolodi to unravel the mystery before they too are brutally murdered.

As part of the event we’ll also be doing an intro to Giallo movies, Italy’s fantastic over-the-top contribution to the thriller genre, blood-soaked and filled with the bizarre camera angles, colours and themes of the sixties and seventies.

Featuring the breathtaking set pieces Giallo, and especially Argento, is famous for Deep Red winds up and up in to a crazy bombastic crescendo of a murder-action-thriller, all set to the weird electric sounds of the prog rock band Goblin, possibly most famous for providing the sound track to George Romeros Dawn of the Dead.

We’ll also be giving away a free A3 foldout posterzine with every ticket! Don’t miss your chance to see Deep Red on the big screen!

Tickets available here:



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