Disposable Cinema presents: Human Nature, 10th Sep, Backroom Cinema, Peckham

  Join Disposable Cinema on Thursday 10th September at the lovely Back Room Cinema for a special screening of Michel Gondry’s Human Nature as part of the Scalarama film festival! Written by Charlie Kaufman, this offbeat comedy attempting to explain the nature of love and the love of nature starring Patricia Arquette, Rhys Ifans and… Read more »

Disposable Cinema presents: Dario Argento’s Deep Red + An Intro to Giallo – 23rd Sep, the Garrison, Bermondsey

Join Disposable Cinema on the 23rd September for a special screening of Dario Argento’s 1975 horror classic Deep Red as part of the Scalarama film festival! After a public demonstration of her abilities a psychic is murdered, taking the secret of a killers identity to the grave. It’s up to troubled musician David Hemmings, who… Read more »

  • Disposable Cinema Presents: Timecrimes + A disposable Guide to Time Travel

    Join Disposable Cinema this July for our screening of the cult classic Timecrimes! We’ll also be giving away a free posterzine and giving a disposable guide to Time Travel!  

  • The Thing (1982)

        A nightmarish mutating alien takes the form of members of an Antarctic research base in order to kill them and take their place. This is the one of the classic John Carpenter and Kurt Russell collaborations in which Carpenter manages to dance between pitch black horror, action and light relief to, if anything,… Read more »

  • Tetsuo: Iron Man (1989)

    Using cut and paste stop motion techniques like those in Peter Gabriels famous music video ‘Sledgehammer’ to create a bizarre other-world that tears suddenly into this one like a knife though tinfoil, Shinya Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo is one of his first movies and definitely his best. The layering of an alien-to-western eyes 80’s Japan with the… Read more »

  • Basket Case (1982)

    He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother probably doesn’t apply when your bro is a 40kg legless psychopath who lives in a wicker basket. Basket Case is a cult classic, one of those movies filmed in a fledgling director’s spare time that shows such wit and originality that it launches a career. There are sequels- our… Read more »

  • Disposable Cinema presents: Squirm, May 14th at Backroom Cinema

    Join Disposable Cinema for our third event! On May the 14th, we’ll be screening the 1976 cult classic Squirm from director Jeff Lieberman (Blue Sunshine, Just before dawn) at the delightful Backroom Cinema in Peckham! Worms + electricity = bad news for the citizens of the deep south Twin Peaks-alike Fly Creek Georgia when the… Read more »

  • Videodrome screening + Intro to Body Horror

    DISPOSABLE CINEMA is having it’s first event! On Tuesday 16th September, as part of the SCALARAMA film festival, DISPOSABLE CINEMA will be screening VIDEODROME, an amazing hallucinogenic body-horror thriller by seminal horror director David Cronenberg, of whom John Carpenter (THE THING, THE FOG) declared “better then all the rest of us combined” and who provoked… Read more »

  • The Guardian (1990)

      “You take your hands off my baby!” The Guardian deals with that thorny subject of the business classes – the protection of their pampered sprog from the constant, grasping hands of the working class. If the Guardian proves anything, it’s that its hard to find good help these days. The story of a wayward… Read more »

  • Thirst (1979)

    Thirst is an Ozploitation flick featured in “Not Quite Hollywood”, the informative yet somewhat uncritical love-in documentary from down under. Made in the late 70s and directed by Rod Hardy, whose career still seems to be going strong directing episodes of popular American television shows such as Burn Notice and Battlestar Galactica and less popular… Read more »

  • Welcome to Disposable Cinema!

    Welcome to Disposable Cinema! Have you noticed how much of our culture is geared around the “now”?  How old movies are simply forgotten, or remade? Have you noticed how the mainstream elements of our culture aim to please the widest possible group of people, destroying any attempt to cater for a niche audience?  What is… Read more »